We're sad to announce the passing of Sam Oddo on Sept 30, 2016... a local magician and friend.

Sam Oddo Obituary and Guestbook
Nov 10, 2016 - We had many performers show us their stuff with many explanations.

Dec 8, 2016 - The next meeting is for members only and the club will provide pizza and salad. Please bring a snack to share. We'll be focusing on holiday themed magic and performing.

Meeting Minutes

September 2016

The September meeting kicked off with a nice dinner and some fellowship. Following dinner we had our annual elections... we had several tightly contested races, but in the end Ron Clayton was our new president and Brian Carter became our new vice-president. Kevin Sarnwick will continue as our treasurer, Alan Reeve is the new secretary, and Ivan Tzontchev is our Sergeant at Arms. We thank Don B. and Ken J. for their many years of service. A raffle and bit more social time followed the election.

We then discussed doing a 'trick of the month' where every month someone would take on the responsibility of teaching the other members a new trick. We then moved on to some performances and critiques.

Bob Coluzzi was back in town and began with some mentalism involving a two card prediction, an ESP card prediction, and a business card (sized) prediction. He then discussed the methods behind the first two. Brian then performed a variant of the "Out of this World" trick followed by soliticing a critique, Kevin Sarnwick did a math based trick followed by a discussion of the method and a critique, Don Bothwell performed his Riverboat Monte, and Kevin Sarnwick also performed Deep Astonishment (on me, and it was very well done).

October 2016

The October meeting opened with people saying a few words about the passing of longtime magician and friend, Sam Oddo. We then discussed this website and our Facebook presence letting all know to a) check it out from time to time as it's a major way our group should be communicating, b) make sure your info is accurate on the members and hire us page (if applicable), and c) a solicitation for ideas as to what should be here. We then got a Treasurer's report from Kevin and discussed bringing in a guest lecturer for a future meeting. Finally, we moved to break, before allowing members to perform, and had our usual raffle.

This evening's performers were Don Clancy performing a couple card tricks, Kevin Sarnwick also performing a card trick, Alan Reeve performing a bit of mentalism, a card trick, and some rubber band magic, Cheryl Gleason performing a routine with small pom-poms attached to a wand, Matt Helm doing a hypnosis routine (along with Don Clancy showing a related hypnosis concept), Greg Hubbard spinning a card on his fingertips, Ivan Tzontchev doing his rope routine, and finally Don Bothwell showing some rope work with knots and offering to run a teaching session on the methods used at a future meeting.

Doc Morrissy then shared with the group that Jackie's Magic is coming up on Nov 19 at the Gurnee High School and is looking for a substitute to perform as he won't be able to make it. For those that do not know, this is a Canned Food Drive in memory of Jackie Stanislawski who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2003.

Finally we had some discussion on performing including talking about dress code and how to handle hecklers in the audience. Don B. also shared a great place to get an outfit suitable (no pun intended) for a magician/performer at a reasonable price:

November 2016

The November meeting opened with a Treasurer's Report and a couple of announcements. First, there's a David Blaine special coming up on Tuesday, Nov 15th called David Blaine: Beyond Magic. Second, the upcoming Chilli cook off will again be held at the end of February and we're always looking for volunteer magicians at that event.

This evening's performers included:
  • Doc Morrissy doing a card match routine and providing everyone with a CD and cards for said routine (and more)
  • Fernando doing a card predicition with the chosen card being revealed as part of an encoded message
    on a piece of paper (also providing copies of the paper as a demo of how to do it)
  • Frank doing a flower production routine using a magic 'himber' wallet
  • Bruce demonstrating both Monkey in the Middle and Pocket Change
  • Ron doing a coins through glass and hex sponges routine
  • Kevin doing his 10 Card Brainwave and a Dollar Change routine
  • Doc making a reapperance to do a Psychic Detective routine and explaining a similar routine called
    'The Choice is Yours' that uses coins instead of cards
Lastly, we talked about what we should do for initiation. If you have ideas please share them with Ron or Kevin.

Next Meeting: Please bring a snack, dessert, or somthing else to share. The club will be providing salad and pizza at our December/Holiday meeting.